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Storage Tanks
The Storage tanks are the ampoules that hold compressed gases as well as liquids. These are not characteristically labeled or structured as the tanks of storage. These serve as the mediums for storing cold and hot things.

PP FRP tanks
Offered high quality PP FRP Tanks are the inexpensive acceptable solutions. These are proffered with corrosion resistance and function as the highly functional products of resin content.

Pickling Tanks
Pickling Tanks are offered with the process of pickling. It has a metal surface treatment that insures removed impurities, such as rust or scale, stains, inorganic contaminants, copper, precious metals etc.
FRP Blower
FRP Blowers are precision-designed products that can meet all international standards. Offered in various sizes, these are rust proof and can withstand the effects of weather.
Scrubber Systems
Scrubber systems are noted as the diverse groups of air pollution control devices which can be employed to eliminate some particulates as well as gases from industrial exhaust streams.
Duct Fitting
Duct Fittings come with typical stiffening beads and are accessible in the seams upon request. These provide a solid metal assembly that decreases leakage. These are the finest for less leakage application

Industrial Piping
We offer high quality Industrial Piping that is the system of pipes employed to carry fluids (waters and gases) from one site to another. It has functional stability as well uniformity needed in the applications.
Tank Lining
Tank Lining is offered to protect well against extremely corrosive surroundings as well as severe chemical attacks. It can store edible material or drinkable water, which come with space saving designs.

Tank Agitators
Tank agitators are used to blend several components collectively in an industrial process. It allows for easy maintenance, dissolution or heat exchange, good homogenization and good dispersion. They are also suited for the pharmaceutical industry.
Pollution Control Equipments
The Pollution Control Equipment are helpful in maintaining the environment and making reduction in the pollution. They are so efficient in their work and perform well in different types of applications.
FRP Pipe Fitting
FRP Pipe Fittings are rendered with rust as well as impact resistance. Suited for countless industrial uses, these insure functional accuracy all the times. The fittings are rendered with sheer protection as well as simple accommodation.
FRP Scrubber
FRP Scrubber we deal in are applicable with different industrial gases such as SO2/SO3, Chlorine, Hcl, and NOx. These are demanded for the sectors of pharmaceutical, dyes, chemical, steel pickling and others. The said scrubbers are useful for several conditions.